Морський Табір 2019

MT 2019 will take place August 3rd through the 10th at Putts Camp Raystown Lake, Saxton, PA 16678. We will be collecting applications through June 30th. We will be accepting 36 total campers (age 15-18). 

August 3: The official opening of camp will begin promptly at 1600 (4 PM Eastern Standard Time).

August 10: The official close of camp will be at 1200 (12 PM Eastern Standard Time).


1) MT 2019 Sign-Up Form (Microsoft Word Document) – Camp is open to members of Plast aged 15 through 18 who have a minimum of 2-ha Proba, and also open to younger STP members

2) Medical Form – Please fill out completely

3) Waiver and Release of Liability; Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement – Signature required

4) Safety Policy – Signature required

5) Supply List

6) Додаткові Форми Для КПС

  • Plast Camp Camper Record
  • Emergency Contact Form

**Please submit all forms to chornomortsi@gmail.com**


1) MT 2019 Bulava Sign-up Form (Microsoft Word Document) – Please fill out completely

2) Medical Form – Please fill out completely

3) Bulava Code of Conduct – Please read and sign

4) Online Youth Protection Training Instructions (Microsoft Word document) – Follow instructions to take brief online course, which results in a certificate.

5) Додаткові Форми Для КПC

  • Plast Camp Camper Record
  • Emergency Contact Form

**Please submit all forms to chornomortsi@gmail.com**

Campers will have the opportunity to participate in various activities such as sailing, water skiing, wake boarding, kayaking, swimming, lifeguarding, skippering, and will hear really interesting presentations about astronomy, sea scouting history, weather, etc.

If you have any questions or comments you may send us an e-mail: chornomortsi@gmail.com.