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As a result of circumstances preventing the kurin from holding Morskiy Tabir this year, the Chornomortsi decided to organize a Morska Prohulka in Mosquito Lake, OH. 7 members of the 25-iy kurin Chornomortsi traveled to the lake with one goal in mind: to improve their abilities in the skills that are attributed to Morske Plastuvannya at Morskiy Tabir, and to improve their knowledge of how to operate our fleet of boats. The trip lasted from August 10-13th. By the end of the trip, everyone had stood up on waterskis and most accomplished the same on the wakeboard. Damian Hruszkewycz was a true ‘кожемяк’ by accomplishing the difficult feat of standing up on the water without skis.

The group had plenty of fun, and also learned a lot to improve the skills we teach at Morskiy Tabir. We are hoping to see you all at Morskiy Tabir 2018!