Hidden Knowledge of ChM-25


A lot of kurin knowledge is not documented in the Жовта Книга, especially our digital platforms, bank accounts, etc.  Although these may change over time, this page’s purpose it to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Last updated: 2021.11.06

Org Charts

The organization of our курінь is explained in the Жовта Книга.  The Головний Курінний Статут governs internationally.  The Флотський Статут Північної Америки is more specific to the governance of North America.

It is important to understand the separation of Старшина and other important leadership roles.  Старшина is made of 3 roles: Курінний (Капітан Флоту), суддя, скарбник.  Roles and responsibilities are explained in the Флотський Статут (Книга p. 14). 



Our email lists  @googlegroups.com:

Suddia is responsible to add new members.

Org Email Purpose
25-ий STPchornomortsi@googlegroups.com ЧМ УСП
10-ий chm10-us@googlegroups.com ЧМ Сеньйори
ЛОМТ LOMT@googlegroups.com The organization that is responsible for planning Морський Табір
Повні “top secret”

Our digital platforms (what are they for?):

Note: These are all USA.

Platform Account Owner Purpose
Email Chornomortsi@gmail.com ?? (currently MT admin, possibly  make this for xронікар?) ??
Email STPChornomortsi@gmail.com Суддя

Owns 25-ij google group

Drive: Адресар, жовта книга, …

Email ChmLOMT@gmail.com MT Admin / Капітан Морський Табір
HardDrive Хронікар Photo storage (older archives)
Website Chornomortsi.org Webmaster

External communication (e.g. MT)

Internal docs (e.g. праці)

Instagram @chmusa Webmaster/Хронікар
GroupMe ЧМ – Північна Америка Суддя (currently Greg Homick, should transition to stpchornomortsi@gmail.com) Informal chit-chat
YouTube ?? (will be chornomortsi@gmail.com) ?? (chornomortsi@gmail.com) ??
PayPal Chornomortsi@gmail.com Скарбник Donations

Note: All members should have an account to log into the website.  Contact the Webmaster for an account.

Note: ChM logo and assets like the кермо or якір (helm or anchor) can be found on Google Drive.


Our banks (and purpose):

Org Bank Owner Purpose
LOMT NOVA UA FCU MT Admin / Kapitan Морський Табір
Capital Improvements Self-Reliance (Chicago/national) Capital Improvements chair Boat/gear repairs
ЧМ Каса (Reserves) Self-Reliance (Chicago/national) Скарбник Day-to-day курінь costs
…..we are considering moving all 3 to… Ukrainian FCU (Rochester) – [Трембіта]

What is the structure?

  • LOMT is a separate organization for the purpose of planning and running MT.  Anyone can participate, which is why it needs to be separate.  Charitable activities for MT (коляда) go through LOMT.
  • MT spending comes from the LOMT account.  This is pre-funded before табір to cover costs/rentals/etc.  Участник checks flow back into LOMT.
  • Excess revenue from MT flows into the Capital Improvements account after табір.  This is used for repairs and maintenance.
  • Excess from Capital Improvements flows into the ЧМ Каса (capital reserves).  Reserves can be used for a larger investments (ex: storage at ПК).
    • *Is this accurate?  Or do all funds flow towards Capital Improvements?
  • ЧМ Каса is for курінь-specific operations.  For example, renting a van for a курінь event.

And why are these separate?

  • LOMT is separate from the others because it is strictly a Морський Табір fund.
  • The other two accounts file under the same tax id.  There is no strong reason to keep them separate, except perhaps putting a ceiling on the курінний інтендант’s access to capital.
  • Capital Improvements chair is a position that has not been added to the yellow book (as of 10/2/2021).


Additional organization information


Event-only functions:

– Предсiдник – Interim Курінний during велика рада
– Голотник – Перший Асистент during ради & зустрічі


See bank account section for general description.  Праця #121 (Платон) provides a comprehensive explanation.  Membership is open to anyone in PLAST, however “адмiнiстратор ЛОМТ-у є вибірний член 25-ого куреня.”

– LOMT statute? (ask Big Steve to ask Spiritus) – Dewey might come get it?  Osavul reaching out to Trembita



MT functions (brief)

– pre tabir vs during tabir
– kapitan
– admin
– kermanych
– pershij (bunch)
– druhij (pysar)
– tretij (intendant) + budget relay | vs. Kurinnij intendant
– chetvertij (kuxar) + staff
– medychna opika
– lifeguard
– holovnij instructor
– pid-instructor

10-ij functions:

– morskij vovk – ask Big Steve for docs/description.  President of all 4 kurini.
– Fodoromp ФОДОРОМП (fund for trainings).  PDF sent to Big Steve to add to website (10/2/2021)
– Rada every other year
– Their kurinnij positions

Events (not all in the book).  Unofficial expectation is 2/year:

– MT
– velyka rada (separate and with 10-ij) w/ pidpysy
– zustrichs
– Nadzvychajnij
– Koliada
– Winterization/dewinterization
– (Hockey?)

Yellow book

Owned & updated by Suddia.  Suddia brings copies to rada for new members.  Recent version can be found here.

What Kurini are there?:

– 10-ij
– 25-ij
– ChX 16-ij, and 40-ij
– US/UA/ other regions?  Do we share a statute?
– We actually have two statutes. Flotskij statute is USA (regional).  Holovnij kurinnij statute is international.
– how do we get in touch? Is it a person? Or an email group?


– what really is our connection?
– can we work with other active kurinnij as well?

Recruitment (suddia “owns” this list, but delegates with kurin):

– is there an email list?
– excel sheet?

Weird rules, traditions passed down:

– Kalabannyky can’t wear white-logo-on-blue-background (this is in the statue)
– Vodianyky can wear a blue щить behind their лиліка (this is in the statue)
– What’s a tradition you didn’t know about until much later?


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